Who makes the decisions in your Union?

Unifor is a worker-run union. Each member gets a say in what they think the union should be doing, to debate issues, elect representatives or run themselves, vote on their contracts and have a say on other key issues.

Bargaining units (in other words, each workplace) elect their own officers and manage their own affairs in accordance with By-laws and the Constitution of your Union. Some of the positions members vote for include:

Stewards: These are front-line workers who are there as a point person to go to with questions and concerns.

Bargaining committee: These coworkers represent you in collective bargaining, and, along with a professional Unifor representative, negotiate with the company on issues such as wages, benefits and working conditions.

Local officers: These roles include President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.

Delegates: Delegates attend regional and national councils where we discuss union priorities, industry changes and strategies.