Watch stories from real members in multiple languages about why Unifor is the right choice for warehouse workers.

Metro Vancouver Amazon Campaign Launch

Workers at Amazon in Metro Vancouver are working with Unifor to form a union at their workplace. U.S.-based Amazon Labor Union president Chris Smalls joined Western Regional Director Gavin McGarrigle and Unifor organizers to help launch the campaign.

Kuehne + Nagel workers strike for better pay and benefits

Unifor members at the Kuehne + Nagel Hogan warehouse won an immediate $2 an hour wage increase with additional wage increases over the lifetime of their new collective agreement. The workers also negotiated a signing bonus, additional paid sick days and increased union representation following a six-day strike action.

HBC Logistics Warehouse workers win wage increases

HBC Logistics warehouse workers win a 13.3% wage increase in three-year collective agreement following a nine-day strike action.

Metro warehouse workers achieve significant wage gains

Watch how Unifor members at Metro Distribution Centre warehouses negotiated the highest maximum pay and fastest progression rate in the industry in their new collective agreement.

Unifor elevates pay and working conditions for warehouse workers

See how a thousand warehouse workers at the Ajax Loblaw Distribution Centre achieved significant wage hikes, a RRSP co-payment increase and improved benefits in a landmark 4-year contract.

Unifor is the Union for Warehouse Workers

Workers in warehousing and distribution share what it is like to unionize their workplace. Better wages, seniority, fairness and respect are just some of the benefits of joining Unifor.

How Unifor benefits Warehouse Workers

Warehouse worker Joseph Evans shares why he and his coworkers decided to join Unifor and how unionization improved conditions at his workplace and benefited workers.