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Workers in warehousing and distribution make their jobs better when they unionize their workplace. Better wages, seniority, fairness and respect are just some of the benefits of joining Unifor.

Unifor advocates for and defends the economic rights of working people, including: safer workplaces, secure employment, wages and benefits that provide a decent standard of living, and dignity and mutual respect in the workplace.

With Unifor you will be joining one of the largest unions in Canada, representing thousands of workers in warehousing and logistics. We have earned the respect of workers throughout Canada by having the best track record when it comes to negotiating collective agreements on behalf of workers. A union for the workers by the workers.

Why Unifor

Why Unifor

Unifor launched the Warehouse Workers Unite campaign to bring warehouse workers together.



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A union for warehouse workers means: 

  • More job security 
  • Fair scheduling and paid sick leave
  • Enforced rules for addressing issues in the workplace, such as discrimination and harassment 
  • Enhanced health and safety protections for all
  • And more!

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